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The Town of Hedeby

Level: 5

Population: 100

Monthly Income: 400gp

Abilities Gained:

Having a good blacksmith is the greatest of tools.
Monthly (3)
The smith can craft metal weapons and armour up to level 5; enchant magic arms & armour, transfer enchantment metal weapons only,

A man owing you his life can always be counted upon
Gain a +1 bonus to a single skill check during Town Maintenance skill challenges.

Wise Woman
The wise have much to teach. Learn what you can.
Monthly (3)
The wise woman can make implements and potions up to level 5.

Wise Elder
A true Elder, no matter their age, has much to teach.
Monthly (3)
The wise woman can make implements and potions up to the level of the town.

Abilities in Development:

Having decided to invest in the Meadhall, it will become available after the next Town Management skill challenge.

A place for friends to gather and celebrate, it also allows that listen to gather secrets they were meant not to know.
Gain a +2 bonus to a single Streetwise check. This can be used for the monthly Town Management checks or any other Streetwise check within the community.

Delivering Himmel safely to the Konungar’s court in Easthaven will grant you a powerful ally.

Powerful Allies
Sometimes having influential friends is worth more than personal power.
This will allow for a re-roll of a failed skill check during Town Management every month.

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