Session 7

After having defeated the large horned lizards, the group headed back to the farmsteads to report their success. Overjoyed at your dealing with the beasts killing their livestock, the farmers welcomed you, and provided you with a delicious feast, as well as a place to sleep for the night.

Come morning, the group headed back to Descott, after another large meal provided by the farmers.

With the intention of spending some time exploring the ruins near the city, the group wanted to make some maps of the area. Finding paper to be both rare and expensive, the group settle on hide, which proved to be much cheaper.

With map-making tools in hand, the group travelled around the ruins to come at them from the far side, hoping that there would be more interesting things to be found.

About a half-hour into the ruins, they were accosted by a small group of thugs demanding 5gp for passage.

Unwilling to pay the toll, the group quickly beat the thugs when they attacked.

Searching them, they found little of value, & following their tracks back found little at their hideout either.

1 extra suit of tattered chain armour

With the bandits/thugs defeated, the group decided to have Ghesh climb one of the taller ruins to see if he could spot anything of interest.

Moving back to near the battle with the bandits, Ghesh quickly scaled one of the taller buildings and took a look around.

There was little to see, apart from what appeared to be a small fire some distance away, its smoke rising into the sky.

Deciding to investigate, the group came across a group of large rats digging at a hole in the ground.

The rats were dispatched quickly, but at some cost. Both Ghesh and Thorgrim became sick from the festering bits of the rats.

Investigating the hole the rats were digging, the group saw that it opened into a large underground chamber. However the hole was quite small, and required significant work to open large.

Ghesh, while working to open the hole further, caused it to collapse, and fell into the room below.

The rest of the group were more careful, and climbed down carefully using a rope.

Exploring the room, the group came across a partially crushed skeleton of a giant, which attacked them as they got too close.

Tougher than the rats and bandits, the giant managed to score a few powerful blows before succumbing to the attacks of the group and collapsing.

Searching the room found little of value, apart from some items on the giant skeleton. All the other materials in the room were long decayed and ruined.

The giant has both his battleaxe (usable as a greataxe) and a silver ring.

The ring can be worn as a bracelet by a medium creature and is worth 60gp.

Debate began whether to rest for a few minutes, or take a longer rest.

Session 6

In order to replenish supplies, the group decided to head to Descott, the seat of the Yarl. The trip was uneventful, and several stops were made along the way, at various small villages and farmsteads, to meet the locals, and begin to recruit some workers to begin the reconstruction of the farmhouse, the clearing of the well, and other long-overdue work around the ruins of the Keep.

Arriving in the capital, the group spent some time getting to know the capital, being the largest city any of them had ever visited.

Asking around town for workers, the group found several names of interest.

• Ozgeth One-Leg. A half-orc blacksmith, he had been driven out of the city, unable to support himself with no customers willing to use his services.

• Ferthing the Fence. A nearly bankrupt merchant, his business had fallen on hard times due to rumours that he dealt with ‘Warlocks’.

• Valla the Witch. A beautiful young priestess, cast out of her village for being a ‘Witch’, she now preaches the word of Freya on the streets of Descott.

Meeting the various unique personalities, the group decided to recruit Ozgeth, needing a competent blacksmith to help rebuild. Extolling their acceptance of non-humans, and meeting his few conditions, the group convinced Ozgeth to move to the Keep.

With Ozgeth recruited, the group then went on to work on recruiting workers and arranging for supplies to be sent as needed. This proved to be more difficult than first anticipated and required 2 weeks of work.

With the workers secured, the group, always looking for more information, went on to check for rumours around town. They quickly found tales of a farmstead suffering from unusual attacks to their livestock, and decided immediately to investigate.

Heading to the site of the attacks, the group was met by a small group of farmers who quickly led them to the site of the latest attack.

Investigating the area, the group quickly found tracks that they determined to be those of the attackers.
Following the tracks led to a large cave in a nearby wooded area, where they were attacked by a quartet of wolf-sized lizards.

A quick, vicious battle ensued, but the group was successful in defeating the lizards, and, after a short rest, proceeded to explore their small lair.

Apart from the remains of several animals, including goats from the farms, there was the half-eaten corpse of a lone humanoid.

Searching the cave and body, a few small valuables were found.

Session 5

After a few days rest after returning from the underground catacombs you decided to investigate the giant glowing sphere that you had glimpsed in the keep’s basement level.

Apart from the giant sphere, which was painful to look at for too long, there was a pedestal with 8 small slots standing before it, and a hall leading out on the far side of the room, behind the sphere.

Down the hall were 8 branching tunnels, each leading to a room containing a small coloured crystal. Each room also contained an obstacle that had to be overcome in order to retrieve the crystal.

White: a sphere of grey material that resisted almost any attack
Red: 5 fiery bats that attack anyone entering the room
Orange: a pool of acid with the crystal hidden in its depths
Yellow: a hallway of lightning bolts that had to be avoided
Green: a large steel chest with numerous poison traps that had to be disarmed
Blue: a mighty frost worm that attempted to devour any trespassers
Indigo: a huge shelf covered in false crystals that damaged the mind of anyone touching them
Violet: a powerful rune inscribed on the floor that sucked the life out of the crystal holder

The party managed to overcome the challenges, though the frost worm was nearly their end.

With all the crystals in hand, the party returned to the main room with the sphere. Examining the pedestal, no particular markings were found for which to input the crystals. But after a few experiments, it was found that the order did not matter.

With all the crystals placed in the slots on the pedestal, the sphere was deactivated, revealing a number of things.

The first items of interest were a battle axe, a suit of hide armour and a large book floating in the air.

The axe is a +1 Defensive Axe (AV p67), set with symbols of Heimdall.

The hide armour is Veteran’s Hide Armour +1 (AV p55)

The large book contains many, many pages of scrawled notes and passages, as well as numerous diagrams and pictures. Can pick out the name Vikk on the cover

The other item of interest was a steep staircase leading downwards from what would have been the center of the sphere.

Carefully proceeding down the staircase, you found a 5-sided room at the base. The stairs emerge from the center of the wall of the 1 side, and a door sits at the center of the wall of each of the other 4 sides.

The doors are each inscribed with a design. All are similar yet different. Each appears to be a depiction of a natural disaster; an earthquake, a flood, a great forest fire and a terrible tornado, and what appears to be a comet in the sky.

After a few moments discussion, you believe that the designs on the doors are representations of the 4 Heralds: comets that are supposed to arrive at the time of great natural disasters.

• The Ice Moon (water): appears when winter is coming
• The Red Eye (fire): appears in times of extreme heat, heat waves, fires, volcanoes, etc
• The Harbringer of Tempests (air): appears in times of great storms, hurricanes
• The Shattered Moon (earth): appears in times of earthquakes, droughts, etc.

Examining the doors closely, they have no locks or handles of any sort, and Leif is able to determine that each bears a powerful dwoemer.

You are unable to find any way to open them.

Session 4

Spending a few days cleaning up the keep, your rest was interrupted by a small earthquake. Very unusual, you decided to investigate. The interior of the Keep was undisturbed, but Zanne and Ivar quickly found a small chasm had opened in the courtyard.

Investigating, you found that it was easily climbable, and let down to more level corridor, about 50’ below. Pushing further, you came upon what appeared to be a large burial chamber. Eight smaller tombs walls leading up to a much larger tomb at the far end. The entire cavern was dimly lit by a pale white glow from the stone.

As you approached the entrance to the burial chamber, you wer attacked by a group of what Leif believed to be earth spirits; similar to elementals, but lesser in power and of a single element.

Exploring the burial chamber, you encountered many things. Larger, more powerful versions of the earth spirits attacked you, in addition to collapsing floors and cave-ins making exploration difficult. But in the end you made your way through the minor tombs, which contained some small treasures, to the larger, main tomb.

The smaller tombs yielded several items of value.

• large piece of carved quartz, 120gp
• necklace & 2 bracelets of polished stones, 75gp total
• Onyx daggar with silver inlays, 120gp
• 3 Rough bars of raw silver, 50gp each
• stone breastplate (acts as scale +1)
• small scratched pearl 100gp

Unlike the doors to the smaller tombs which were simple stone slabs, the entrance to the main tomb was set with a complicated puzzle lock. Working as a group you were eventually able to unlock the door, but not without setting of the protective magics several times.

Entering the main tomb, another weak section of floor was found before another, plain, door. The second room contained a great sarcophagus, surrounded in treasure. Investigating further, the group was attacked by a more powerful earth spirit as they examined the tomb. Durign the fight, it summoned more of the smaller earth spirits.

The group was victorious against the greater earth spirit and its minions, though it proved a much tougher opponent than the ones encountered previously.

• 350gp, 500sp in ancient, rough coins
• 5 1’ tall carved stone statues of animals; 50gp each, 300gp group
• 12 rough pieces of quarts (cracked, scuffed) 20gp each
• 3 stone maces, 35gp ea
• 4 flint shortswords, 25gp each
• Rough steel greatsword, 20gp
• Stone necklace, 100gp

Heading back to the tunnel by which you entered, you found it collapsed and impassable. Searching the chamber, and dodging several more sections of collapsing floor, you found another tunnel leading upwards near the main tomb.

Climbing carefully, you quickly came to what appeared to be artificial, constructed hallways. Carefully looking around, you found several storerooms, a great pair of double doors, and a spiral staircase leading upwards.

The great double doors led to a wide, low staircase leading down a few feet into a great hall. In the center of the hall, sat a great sphere of multi-coloured lights with a large stone pedestal before it. Carvings on the pedestal could just barely be seen from the staircase, as the light from the sphere is near blinding.

Being in bad shape to investigate the sphere, you withdrew, and went to examine the staircase. Climbing carefully, you made your way up a ways before coming to a single dor at the top of the staircase.

Prepared for the worst, you pushed open the door, to find yourselves on the second floor of your keep, emerging from one of the interior walls. Shocked by the experience, you accidentally let the door close behind you, but were able to find and open it again after a few moments search.

Session 3

You arrived back at the tower safely from your explorations of the surrounding territory. AS you put away your gear and treasure, you became aware that something had changed in the tower. It quickly became apparent that somehow, the tower had gained an additional floor.

Investigating, you came to realize that the floor was only on the inside. The exterior of the tower was the same height as before, but there was the extra floor on the inside.

Three doors led off the main stairwell at the mysterious floor. Investigating each in turn, you found that they went to 3 nearly identical corridors, with a half-dozen living quarters off of each, and a large sitting room at the end. Consideration of the layout of the rooms led you to believe that many of the rooms shared the same space as others, yet there was no passage between the co-existent rooms.

Each of the rooms contained some small valuables & trinkets & loose coins. These were quickly taken by the party.

The sitting rooms proved to be dangerous, as the armour stands located inside animated and attacked. The first battles with the animated armours were hard-fought, but by the third, you had the battle well in hand and defeated the armours readily. (IE you rolled higher than 4s…)

When defeated, each of the animated armours triggered a mystical blue rune in the air as it fell. Those with mystical knowledge were sure the runes were connected to something, but were unable to determine what.

The sitting rooms also contained some valuables.
Room 1: pot healing +100sp
Room 2: 2 sets decorative swords on wall (60gp total)
Room 3: nice silver ring, 50gp

Once all of the armours were defeated, it became fairly obvious to what the armours were linked; a 4th door had appeared in the main stairwell. Covered with 6 blue runes, it required the work of everyone together to open the portal. Unfortunately, it took more than one attempt to open the door, setting off a large blast of lightning into the stairwell with each failure.

The door opened into a large circular room with 3 doors leading off the other side. Careful inspection revealed the pressure plates in front of each of the doors, which were quickly disabled by the rogue. As Ghesh went to open the central door however, a new suit of animated armour arose out of the centre of the room, and attacked the group.

All of the party members managed to get into the room before they were blocked out by the mystical blue field that filled the doorway as the armour emerged, and the battle was joined.

This suit of animated armour, plate instead of the previous chain, proved to be significantly more resilient than the ones before. It also let off several large blasts of lightning into the room, which were more and more devastating with each subsequent blast.

Finally though, the armour was defeated & destroyed; only its weapon and remnants of the armour remained.

Upon examination, the weapon was revealed to be a +1 lightning morningstar.

With the defeat of the armour accomplished, the party withdrew to bandage their wounds and rest before examining the 3 doors leading out of the room.

Come morning, the freshly rested party returned to the room with the armour scraps still sitting on the floor. Examining each of the doors in turn, you found them locked. With a little effort however, the rogue was able to unlock them.

Behind each was a small room, 10 feet by 10 feet, with a large chest bolted to the floor at the back wall.

Ever suspicious, you examined the floor and chest for traps. Finding pressure triggers on each of the chests, Zanne attempted to disable the traps. She was successful with 2 of the chests, but managed to set off the trap on the third, and was quickly impaled by a trio of spears shooting out of the chest.

Despite that minor setback, you managed to open the chests and were pleased to find some valuables inside.

1. Rod of Dark Renewal +1 (PH p239), 100gp gem, 50gp
2. Symbol of Battle (Thor; does thunder damage) +1 (PH p237), 100gp gem, 500sp
3. Bracers of Mighty Striking (PH p244), silver stein, 45gp, 200 sp

Session 2

After watching the last of the tournament visitor’s departing, you decided to explore the Keep you had inherited.

There was little of interest, apart for some signs that it had been used both recently and in the past as shelter by travelers or adventurers. No secret passages or anything unusual was found anywhere.

Afterwards, the group decided to undertake a tour of the local area; to meet the inhabitants of the local farmsteads and to get a better feel of the land around the Keep.

You spent a week visiting the various farms and homesteads, meeting many of the locals. Most seemed pleased to see you, happy at the news of someone establishing a strongpoint between them and the forest. Many had lost much to the raids of the forest’s residents. Only a few seemed either not interested or outright hostile.

After the tour throught he ‘civilized’ areas, you headed into the forest, to check out the ruins where you had rescued the princess and see what other monsters plagued the nearby area.

It went fairly well; you handily defeated a couple small bands goblins (and collecting a number of weapons, as well as an orb+1 from a goblin shaman) and even some giant spiders. Finally, you came across the den of the ankhegs.

A pair of the adults ambushed you, exploding from the earth around the warlock and his horse. You defeated them, but not before they killed the horse and severely injured a number of the group.

With the adults defeated, you took a short rest and proceeded into the lair.

The tunnels below the rock were twisted, and very low; you had to crawl in many areas. It took several hours to fully explore the tunnels, slaying a half dozen of the young ankhegs along the way.

In the tunnels you managed to find several items of interest. Apparently the ankhegs had accosted a number of people before falling to your blades. Their weakness is now your profit.

Within the ankheg tunnels you managed to find:

• A small sack with 75gp, 65sp
• 1 suit of scale armour
• 2 suits of human-sized chain armour & shields
• 4 battle axes
• 2 matched shortswords of superior manufacture (200% price)
• 1 adventurer kit
• Broken shortbow & 13 arrows
• A holy symbol to Baldur

With this extra baggage, and running low on food, you decided to head back to the keep.

Session 1

You all came together in an ale tent, having made your way to the location of your uncle Hod. You spent some time questioning each other: who was Hod? Is there anything to the inheritance other than the farmstead? What are all these people doing here?

Eventually, you decide to join together to compete in the tourney; to learn about each other, and possibly win some money without risking your lives.

During the night after the first day of competition, you were awakened early in the morning to the news that the Konungar’s daughter had been kidnapped. Banding together, you searched for some sign of the kidnappers.

You managed to find some tracks, which led to what was obviously waiting horses. Following those, led off to the Great Northern Forest.

Ambushed by another team of competitors from the tourney, you managed to defeat them handily and continue the pursuit into the forest, where you came upon more kidnappers, including the well-known adventurer Everet Goldslade.

Again you managed to defeat them handily, leaving one of the thugs alive to interrogate.

Unfortunately, he had little information, indicating that he had been hired by the now-dead Everett Goldslade.

Following the trail further into the forest, you finally came upon a small camp with several more of the kidnappers, and a tiefling warlock.

You dispatched the thugs handily, and moved in to battle the warlock, when he raised his fallen companions as zombies, which proved harder to kill, and inflicted considerable damage on the party before they were finally destroyed.

With all of the immediate enemies defeated, you had the time to properly search the camp, and found several things of interest.

The princess was tied up and unconscious un the raised platform in the center of the camp. She appears to be unharmed.

Grateful to be rescued from the kidnappers, she presented Ivar with her silver ring on a necklace. A faint enchantment resides in the ring.
The necklace acts as an Amulet of Protection +1

The tiefling had a nice dagger tucked into his belt, under his robes.
Daggar +1

Hidden amongst the rocks and other items under the raised platform was a lockbox containing 500gp.

Searching the thugs, warlock and the rest of the camp found a number of weapons and other mundane items, as well as a pair of horses tied to a fallen tree about 30’ from the raised platform.

• 6 shortswords
• 6 suits leather armour
• Equivalent of 3 arventurer packs in mundane equipment
• Large tent 10’ x 15’

With the princess in hand, and 2 more horses, you quickly made your way back to the tournament grounds. It was very late at night when you finally arrived back, yet you were ushered Directly into the Konungar’s tent.

A tall, slender man, he wears his black hair tied back, and keeps his beard trimmed. He wears a mail vest, and excellent quality furs. A broadsword is never far from his left hand.

He is very thankful for your rescue of his only daughter, and as thanks, he officially bestowed upon each of you the rank of Riddar (Knight). This is the lowest rank of nobility, and is not hereditary. It does however allow each of you to have up to 6 armsmen under your colours.

In addition, he bestowed upon the group a chest of 500gp, which he hopes the PCs will put towards rebuilding the old keep and farmstead.

Food is brought in, and the Konungar invites you to tell your tales over some food and mead.


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