Session 25

With the deadly vines blasted and hacked away from the doorway, the party was finally able to enter the building.

Opening the main doors, the group saw that the ground floor had 2 doors and a staircase leading away from the entry hall.

Zanne, using crowbars taken fro others in the party, quickly jammed the doors so that they could not be opened easily, to prevent anyone from sneaking up on the party while it dealt with the upstairs.

Knowing of the 3 robed figures inside, the group decided to split up to attack from 2 sides.

Zanne and Holdbar moved around the building and snuck in the window by which Zanne had snuck in previously, while the rest of the party entered through the main door and up the stairs.

Unfortunately, the stairway proved to be warded magically, and it unleashed a blast of necrotic energy on Ghesh and Ivar, and ruined their attempts at stealth.

With all pretence at stealth gone, the main party charged up the stairs before the robed figures could prepare. They managed to catch 2 of them unprepared, though one did manage to get a blast off at Ghesh before he was ready.

Unfortunately for the warlocks, the sudden rush of the main party covered the stealthy approach of Zanne and Holdbar, and caught in the flanking attack, fell quickly, though not without inflicting some significant wounds on the party.

Capturing the last of the robed figures alive, the party interrogated him, though he revealed little; simply ranting that the ‘Master’ would soon return and slay them all. The group quickly killed him.

Searching them, the group found a few valuables.

1 pot healing, lv5
3 Fine robes, 75gp each

The group quickly moved to give the building a quick search, checking first the small room near the window by which Zanne and Holdbar entered. It was essentially empty, though it looked to be in the process of being turned into quarters for someone.

Examining the large double doors near which the battle with the warlock apprentices took place, Leif managed to determine that it was warded magically, but when Zanne attempted to bypass the ward, she set it off, blasting her and Ghesh with another powerful wave of necrotic energy that sucked the vitality from them.

As the party entered, they were met by a blast of radiant energy. It was quickly determined that it had come from a cowering Valla. The room itself was made up like some form of lavish bedroom.

Recognizing the group, Valla quickly apologized and begged the group to get her out of there before the ‘Master’ returned. She then showed the group the chain holding her to the bed. Holdbar quickly broke it, freeing her.

Searching the room, the group found several items of interest or value.

Furs worth 250gp
Silks worth 250gp
Jewellery 250gp
A half-dozen arcane tomes.

Heading down stairs, the group proceeded to search the remainder of the building. There was little to find; a small eating area, and the Spartan quarters of the apprentices.

In total the group found 100gp on coins, trinkets and other small valuables

As the group exited the building, they saw a lone figure walking slowly towards the building. Guessing it was the ‘Master’, the group withdrew back into the entry hall of the building and set up an ambush.

Unfortunately, the ambush was not quite as successful as the group could have hoped; the destruction of the vines around the entrance obviously alerted him to something amiss, as when the doors flew open, he was not alone; a pair of humanoid shadows accompanied him.
In addition, as soon as he and Leif laid eyes upon one another, it was obvious that they knew one another. The ‘Master’ spoke…

“So. You survived. I had heard rumours of you being alive. Well, no matter. You will be dead enough soon. And then your power will be mine. Just like Lothar’s.”

As he finished speaking a corona of dark energy settled around both him and Leif. The party recognized it as being similar to the curse that Leif placed upon his opponents.

The Master proved to be a much more dangerous opponent than his apprentices. His barrages of psychic bolts slid his targets around the battlefield, and caused them to take their allies for enemies, and attack them. He also seemed to shrug off the most powerful of wounds; something was giving him an un-natural toughness.

He also managed to draw the party outside, where he managed to slide several of the party into the deadly vines around the building, while he himself did not draw their attacks.

Finally though the party managed to defeat him, though several were on their last legs. It was one of the closest battles yet…

As his body hit the ground, it began to quickly age and turn to dust. The corona of dark power also began to flicker and pulse. The faster the body disintegrated, the faster the darkness pulsed. Once the body was completely destroyed, the darkness gave one last pulse, and flew into Leif, surrounding him and then quickly flowing into him; through his mouth, his nose, his ears and his eyes…

Staggered momentarily, Leif quickly recovered, his wounds healed, and all of his powers restored, along with new abilities…

Searching the now-empty robes of the Master, the group found a few valuables.

Agera’s Bone Spear
A spear of giant bone, holding the power of lightning.
Lv9 2 (4200gp) Lv245 (525000gp)
Lv14 3 (21000gp) Lv296 (2625000gp)
LV19 +4 (105000gp)
Implement (wand)
Enhancement: Attack Rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +1d6 lightning damage per plus
Property: can be used as a +2 spear
Power (Daily, Arcane, Lightning, Implement) Standard Action. As the wizard’s power Shock Sphere (PH p161)
The spear is presently +2, but can be enhanced by infusing the indicated amounts of arcane materials into the spear (does not require ritual casting).

Robes 125gp
4 75gp gems

The party, after a short rest, quickly returned to Descott.



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