Session 23

Having verified that they had not left their town in the hands of the doppelgangers, the party, now mounted, set back out for Descott.

This time the trip was faster and without incident, and they delivered Himmel to the residence of the Yarl before continuing on to the ruins on the far side of the city to investigate the location that was indicated on the map recovered from the doppelgangers.

The location was easy to find; a tower, mostly collapsed, with a small entrance holes in the rubble. Before entering, the party checked the area for tracks and other entrances, but found nothing.

With Ghesh in the lead, they proceeded down a twisty tunnel that led to a small entrance hall, with only a small delay as Zanne dealt with a small pressure plate for a trap on the stairs.

With two doors leading off from the hall, Ghesh opened the first, and was met with a trio of sharp blades driven into him from the shadows.

The party quickly counterattacked the shadowy doppelgangers, and a short, bloody fight with the shape-changing beast and their warlock leader ensued.

The leader was captured alive, to be delivered to Himmel and the Yarl

The party emerged victorious, and searched the small den of the evil beasts, finding several items of interest.

Trinkets and loose coins from the nest area worth a total of 185gp

The black leather robes of the warlock are +2 leather Repulsion Armour (AV p49)

The warlock also had 1 potion of healing, lv5

The furs from the nest are in good shape and could fetch 100gp.

A small lockbox under the desk contains 100pp, 100gp, 100sp, 100cp and 2x 100gp gems.

5 shortswords
4 suits leather armour

Taking the captured doppelganger warlock back to the Yarl’s residence, the group briefly met with Himmel. He informed them that he had arranged for a place for them to stay while in the city, and may have some more work for them in 4 or 5 days.

With the day almost over, the party spent the last few hours asking around town regarding people of interest. They managed to track down several noteworthy leads.

1. Egill the Hunter; known for his trapping and hunting, he is well respected as a maker of non-metallic armours and bows.

• He is known to frequent the southern parts of the Great Northern Forest, hunting the orcs of the Black Spear Tribe

2. Valla the Witch; met by the party when they first came to Descott and recruited the smith Ozgreth, she is known for her potions and fetishes (implements).

• Unfortunately, she has disappeared into the ruins near the city several days ago, and has not been seen since

3. Ferthing the Fence; also met by the party on their first trip to the city, he was rumoured to consort with warlocks and other practitioners of the dark arts.

• He has gone into hiding from his creditors somewhere to the north of the city

With several promising leads, the group gathered together at the longhouse Himmel had arranged for, and went to rest for the night.

Unfortunately, the night did not pass uneventfully. A little after midnight the party was awoken by chocking smoke and flames beginning to engulf the building in which they were sleeping.

Despite the door being barricaded closed, the party managed to escape fairly quickly with all of their bodies and gear intact.

Searching the immediate area, the party turned up a battle axe of obvious Jotun make.

With the axe in hand, the party demanded of Himmel some explanations.

Himmel, reluctantly, explained that he had come across information that seemed to indicate that the Derosans were attempting to start a war between Estvar and Jotunland. He is not yet sure who exactly is behind it, but the signs seem to indicate that it may be the Derosan ambassador.

Knowing that the axe is likely a plant meant to ferment more dissent between Estvar and Jotunland, Himmel nonetheless asked the party to look into any Jotun in Descott.

Still tired and nursing their wounds from the day before, as well as fresh burns from the flaming longhouse, the party quickly armed themselves and began working to track down any Jotun in the city, as Himmel dealt with the city guard and others come to investigate the burning building.

It was not a difficult task to turn up a camp of the barbarians outside the city; they made no effort to remain inconspicuous.

Proceeding to the camp, the party, accompanied by Himmel, received a very hostile reception at the barbarian’s camp.

Some quick talking managed to calm the barbarians down somewhat, and the party began to get a little information from them.

As they were asking the barbarians questions, Holdbar and Leif noticed that two of the older, more grizzled barbarians did not seem to be reacting in the same manner as the rest.

Holdbar, never the most diplomatic soul, immediately called out the two barbarians.

They did not react well; with a curse, the two stepped back, and, pointing at Holdbar, ordered the remaining barbarians to kill the party.

The remaining barbarians immediately began screaming and swinging their weapons…



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