Session 22

Departing from the dwarves camp, the next 2 days of travel were quiet. Even the weather let up a bit.

Towards the end of the second day, the party came across what is a fairly common occurrence in Estvar: a farmstead being attacked by orcish raiders.

Hearing the screams of the farming family barricaded in the burning farmhouse, the party moved t attack the orcs immediately.

The orcs responded to the attack by filling the party with volleys of burning arrows.

The skill and viciousness of the orcish archers could not stop the party, as they attacked the orcs, and moved to rescue the trapped farmers.

The party as able to rescue all of the farmers before any were killed by the fire or smoke filling the farmhouse, though it was a close call with the farmwife.

The farmer, thankful to the adventurers for saving his family and killing the orcs, turned over his old adventuring gear that he had been unable to get to before the orcs had captured his family.

Jogen’s Luck; +2 Luckblade longsword (AV p71)
+2 hide armour of fire resistance 5

With his farm completely destroyed, the farmer accepted the group’s offer to move to the site of their town, where they would assist in the construction f a new farm for him and his family.

Saving the farmer’s family and recruiting him for your town has netted you the farmer’s life debt.

Once back at Hedeby, and the package turned over to Riddar Himmel, the party spent several days looking after various matters that had arisen during their time (22 days) away.

250gp payment from Himmel

Town level: 5
Monthly income: 400gp

A man owing you his life can always be counted upon
Gain a +1 bonus to a single skill check during Keep Maintenance skill challenges.

While they were doing their administrative matters, the group was approached by one of the villagers who was looking for some investors for a mead hall. The group agreed tot eh 200gp which he was looking for to import some equipment and experts from Descott. He believes that the mead hall should be up and running in a month.

In addition, the group took advantage of their half-orc smith, and had him transfer the enchantments between some of their weapons.

Just as they were starting to take a rest after all their work, the party was approached by Himmel again; he had received some information (both from the PCs package and other messengers); he has become aware of a plot to start a war between Estvar and Jotunland. He asked the party for protection on his trip to Descott.

Agreeing to his request, the party set out with him the next morning for the trip. On the third morning, a day out from Descott, the group woke to find that one of the guards was missing.

Questioning the other guards, they believed that they were covering something. Pushing harder, they eventually provoked some of the guards into attacking.

Not knowing whi was friend or foe, the battle almost turned into a slaughter until one of the guards that had attacked was finally knocked unconscious, and his form transformed into a greyish humanoid, with vague,, rough human features: a doppelganger.

The party quickly finished the fight, knocking the 4 doppelgangers unconscious, as well as the one remaining human guard.

Interrogating the doppelgangers proved to be difficult, but several items were finally forced out of them:

1. They were sent by their chief, Grishnak.
2. They were sent to kill Himmel.
3. they were to meet back at a spot in the ruins near Descott when Himmel was dead. One had a rough map of the ruins with a location marked.

Himmel was thankful for the group’s protection; there was no way that he would have survived without the group to deal with the doppelgangers. He will always be willing to put in a good word on their behalf.

In addition, each of the doppelgangers was found to be carrying a hidden pouch of platinum coins, which they admitted was their pay for the assassination.

4 chain shirts
4 axes

Favour of the Valk
A friend in high places is always useful.
Gain a +1 bonus to a single Diplomacy skill check during Keep Maintenance skill challenges.

Worried that the 4 guards left behind by Himmel were also doppelgangers, the group quickly returned to Hedeby.

Fortunately, after long, vicious interrogations they party was satisfied that none of the guards were doppelgangers or had any knowledge of the doppelgangers.

Worried by the presence of the doppelgangers, Himmel has asked the group to investigate the location marked on the map.

He is offering the services of his 5 remaining guards to the town of Hedeby, as well as all the horses (except his; 9 total).



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