Session 21

Having obtained the package for the Valk from the barbarians, the group was faced with the long trip back to their town in Estvar.

As they set out from the ruins for the trip home, it began to snow lightly. The snow continued to fall for several days as they slowly trudged back to the giant outpost to retrieve the larger, more cumbersome valuables that they had left behind.

They first few days of travel were uneventful, perhaps of because the snow and the party arrived at the giant outpost without incident.

Retrieving the larger items from the tomb in the basement, the party spent some time to put together a travois to carry the armor, weapons and the large tapestry.

With the travois letting the party drag the larger items along with them, the party continued along their way. However, a little over a day out from the outpost, they came across a disturbing scene: a trio of giants leading huge hunting hounds.

Moving quickly away from the giants, the group attempted to evade the giants and their hounds. Unfortunately, navigating the rough landscape dragging the travois behind them left a trail for the hounds to follow, and they quickly caught up with the party & attacked, just as they were attempting to free the travois from between some large boulders.

There was nothing of value on the hounds; their pelts were not even worth salvaging due to the physical beatings they had taken during the battle.

The fight was a brutal affair, with the party separated by the hounds. However, after a few minutes of fighting the hounds were killed. With the hounds defeated, the party spent a few minutes bandaging their wounds and freeing the travois from the rocks.

With the travois free, the party continued with their journey, keeping their eyes open for the giants.

The next two days passed without incident, and the party finally passed into Estvar territory. Within hours of crossing the ‘border’ the party was intercepted by a dwarven patrol out of Durnan’s Keep.

The dwarves were hunting the giants that the party had seen a few days earlier; they had been sent out to investigate rumored sightings of giants.

The party agreed to accompany the patrol back to their cam, to speak with their leader, Loghain. Back at the camp, the dwarven sergeant bought the giant weapons and armor the party had found in the outpost, and attempted to recruit the party to the dwarves’ aid, to hunt down the giants.

The party agreed to assist the dwarves, and they set out together to ambush the giants. Working with a half-dozen of the dwarves, the group dug a pair of large pit traps, and set an ambush, as the rest of the dwarves searched out the giants and attempt to lure them into the ambush.

The ambush proved to be only partially successful; the giants did not seem to be all that surprised at the ambush, and attacked the party using what appeared to be an un-natural stealth.

The battle was vicious; the giants would pop in and out of sight and attack with their deadly spears. However, the party and their dwarven allies proved victorious.

With the giants dead, and with only 2 of dwarves killed, the party regrouped with the survivors of the dwarves; only half of the dozen that had gone out to lure the giants into the trap.

As the dwarves set about burying their dead, the dwarven sergeant Loghain came to speak with the party. He thanked them for their assistance and presented them with a gift; the great hammer that he carried into battle for the last 20 years, as well as some small gems.

Loghain’s Gift: Resounding Maul +2 (PH p236)
4 75gp gems



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