Session 19

With the spirit of the giant defeated, the group took a few minutes to bandage their wounds and catch their breath.

Continuing their exploration of the catacombs below the giant outpost, they followed the left-hand wall around the room. Not far from the cell that held the remains of the giant they came across another room separated from the main chamber by a portcullis.

With the stronger members of the group lifting the portcullis the rest of the group quickly searched the room. Unfortunately, they found nothing of interest.

Abandoning the room, they moved on to the next point of interest, a large door leading off from the corner farthest from the entrance to the catacombs. Forcing it open, the group was immediately set upon by a small group of dire wolves. With the armored warriors in front, the group managed to hold back the wolves as they slew them one by one.

With the wolves dead, the group searched their lair, a former storeroom into which the wolves had apparently dug from outside. They found nothing of value apart from the remains of several small animals, and what appeared to be a cow.

The next storeroom, also sealed off by a large portcullis, appeared to contain more dilapidated materials. A crack in the back wall was letting in a small trickle of water, which contributed to the thick coating of mould covering almost the entire room.

Deciding that discretion is the better part of valor, the group decided not to search the room fearing that the mould would prove to be dangerous.

After the mould-filled room, the party explored a final store-room. It too turned out to be empty.

Finally, the group approached the large double-doors leading off of the wall to the right of the entrance by which the group came into the basement.

Examining the doors, they noticed that the floor, walls and ceiling around the doors were covered with the markings of a large explosion.

Cautiously, the group examined the doors. Not finding any traps, they cautiously picked the lock, and pushed the doors open.

Beyond the doors was a large statue-lined hallway that turned to the left 30 down the hall. As the party proceeded into the hall, a pair of the statues began to shoot lightning at the party.

The majority of the party fought the statues, the rogue moved to disable the trap from the control box concealed in the wall behind the statues. Unfortunately the mechanism proved to be too complex to disable mid-battle, and it explodes in a large shower of sparks.

With the control panel destroyed, the party was forced to destroy the statues by hand, as they continued to shoot lightning bolts into the fray.

Eventually the statues were destroyed, leaving the party free to open the doors at the end of the hallway.

Again cautiously examining the doors before opening them, the group found no traps, and managed to force the huge doors open after a few attempts.

Inside appeared to be some form of tomb. 4 large stone sarcophagi could be seen in the room, with a giant banner of a white tree on a green field hung against the curved back wall.

As they entered the room, the tops of the sarcophagi slid open and 4 huge giant skeletons dressed in black plate armor and wielding giant greatswords stood up. Immeadiately the temperature of the room dropped, and the skeletons moved to attack.

During the battle, the group found tha the giant skeletons were mystically connected to some form of necrotic magic in their sarcophagi. Approaching too near to the great stone biers would begin to suck the life from the victim, and the skeletons would draw from the energy to repair the damage to their bodies. However, as each of the skeletons was defeated, the ark necrotic field from their sarcophagus was dispersed, making more and more of the room safe for the living.

After a hard battle which drained the final resources of the party, they last of the skeletons was put down, and the party collapsed in near exhaustion.

Only a few had the energy left to even search the room, in which they found several items of value.

Misc valuables worth 500gp
4 suits of plate armour (giant sized) (worth about 100gp each to a noble/collector
4 Greatswords (giant sized) (worth about 40gp each to a noble/collector
Great tapestry of a giant tree; acts as a battle standard of might (AV p179) with double range. Takes 3 standard actions to erect.
Strength of the Giants, as Kord’s Mighty Strength, lv8 (DMG2 p140)



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