Session 18

With a night’s rest behind them, the group returned to the upper level of the ancient giant outpost.

Checking the rooms around the battle site, they found little of value. However, they did find that one of the rooms was set-up as a trap; as they entered, the ceiling collapsed, burying the room in rubble.

The trap did not slow you down for long, and soon you proceeded into another large, dark room, which turned out to be inhabited by several more of the nasty chokers.

These proved not to be as deadly as the previous three, and were dispatched quite quickly, despite their initial sneak attacks.

With the chokers defeated, the party searched the room and took a few minutes to bandage their wounds. Little of value was found.

Opening the next set of doors, the group found that the room beyond was even darker; the light seemed to be swallowed almost completely by the darkness.

As they proceeded into the room they were met with blasts of darkness. At the rear of the room, they found the warlock master of the chokers, protected by a quartet of shadowy hounds.

The warlock combined the usual grab and choke tactics of the other chokers with the occasional bursts of dark magic.

Eventually he fell to the attacks of the party, and with him, the unnatural darkness of the room dissipated.

Searching the warlock and the room, they found a small trove of valuables, neatly stacked byt the choker’s nest.

5 daggars
Cloak of resistance +2
The Book of Surt: this contains a dark ritual allowing any warlock to change their pact to Infernal. Cost of the ritual is 500gp in materials.

With the majority of the upper level checked, the party opened the last door, which led to the remaining balcony of the main tower. The rogue moved out onto the crumbling remains to search, but quickly lost her footing and fell to the sharp rocks below. Thankfully she managed to land safely.

The rest of the group descended to the main level in a safer manner, moving back to the great staircase.

Reunited, the group ventured down the spiral stairs leading to the basement levels. The stairs led down 50’ and opened into a large chamber, strewn with the skeletons of many humanoids, with several doors and portcullises leading off.

Proceeding with caution into the room, wary of the skeletons rising up around them, the party moved down the left-hand wall.

The first portcullised room contained a trio of humanoid skeletons alongside a giant skeleton.. AS the larger members of the party lifted the portcullis, the rogue entered the room.

No sooner had she set foot into the holding cell than the spirit of the giant appeared above its skeleton and attacked.

The spirit was not deadly, yet took all of the effort of the party to bring down, as it was barely affected by the attacks of the party.

As the spectral giant dissipated it left behind small traces of a viscous fluid on the weapons and clothing of the party.

Examining the fluid, you found that it had a slightly numbing effect, and seemed to speed the natural healing process.

After a few minutes of study, the party was able to refine it into a healing salve.
2 potions of healing (lv 5)



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